to which the TL material is heated (accuracy 0.1c) and duration (accuracy 1 second) of particular stages of heating are programmed by the operator according to the heating curve:
  • Ie - initial heating
  • IIe - the range of linearly increasing temperature
  • IIIe- annealing

  The results of measurements and the parameters of settings of the equipment are:
  • visualized on a LCD display
  • stored in the build-in system memory
  • sent to a printer by a Centronics interface
  • transmitted to a PC system by an RS232C interface
  • exported in ASCII format.

The RA'94 processes:
  • mprocessor controlled regulation of PMT dark current
  • automatic sensitivity regulation according to build-in calibration
  • source of light with accuracy to 0.5%
  • PMT thermoelectric stabilisation of temperature
  • heating element made of platinum alloy
  • temperature stabilisation of the TL material under test from 40°C to 400°C with accuracy 0.1°C
  • three stages of programmable heating of sample
  • dynamic range of the I-F converter: 8 decades
  • stabilisation of HV PMT power supply with accuracy of 1/10000
  • built-in optical filter for elimination of infra-red radiation
  • built-in flow meter for dosing noble gases - elimination of chemical luminescence
  • RA'94 is user friendly - all measurement parameters can be programmed
  • from the keyboard, 6 keys, or downloaded from a PC.
  • can be operated as a stand alone unit or under on-line PC control
  • light and portable construction

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