Manual Reader-Analyser TL RA'94
The RA'94 is a portable and user friendly Reader-Analyser TLD system for measuring, analysing and evaluating thermo-luminescent materials. Convenient for the operator ATKT system automatically regulates the sensitivity of the measuring path as well as the level of the PMT dark current. The dedicated software package is fully PC compatible. The unit incorporates research, analysis and measurement together with a creation of a data base of luminescence curves, visualisation and export in ASCII format. The following RA'94 parameters can be set by the user or downloaded from the host PC: heating times and temperatures, temperatures limit, sensitivity, speed of heating and acoustic signaling.

Analysis, research and TL measurements
  • radiation protection
  • medicine
  • experimental physics
  • environmental research
  • geology - dating
  • geoarcheology - dating
  • checking food radiation

  • Phenomena which appear in TL materials
  • measurements of doses of absorbed radiation
  • dating geological materials
  • applied to the study of materials in the form of :
    • rods with a diameter of < 6mm produced by TLD Poland and others
    • powders
    • dosimetric cards (option)

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