Lithium fluoride thermoluminescent phosphor is recognised universally as an excellent material for broad dosimetric applications especially if used in the form of solid pellets. It exhibits high sensitivity for general applications, low background, resistivity against environmental conditions and tissue-equivalence.
Lithium fluoride doped with magnesium and titanium (LiF:Mg,Ti) is produced by our company according to an original method developed at the Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kraków. It is manufactured in the form of solid pellets of 4.5 mm diameter (other diameters on request) with any required thickness in the range of 0.2¸1.5 mm (standard 0.9 mm), under the code name MTS (Mg, Ti, sintered), with an additional symbol representing the isotopic content of lithium:
MTS-N (natural abundance), MTS-6 (6Li-enriched), MTS-7 (7Li-enriched). It is also available in the form of powder under the code names MT-N, MT-6 and MT-7. All these materials are indefinitely re-usable and exhibit similar dosimetric characteristics such as energy response for photons, fading and TL efficiency. The main features of MTS pellets are listed overleaf. A very important feature of our detectors is that they are exchangeable with other well known LiF:Mg,Ti phosphors and pellets commonly used in many laboratories (e.g. TLD-100). They may be read out with any typical TL reader, both with hot gas (e.g. Alnor DOSACUS or Harshaw 5500) and ohmic (e.g. Harshaw 4000, Toledo or Solaro) heating systems.
Thus our MTS-N, MTS-6 and MTS-7 pellets can easily replace materials produced by other manufactures in all cases when their virtues such as higher sensitivity and lower prices are crucial.

Pre-irradiation: 400oC for 1 hour followed by 100oC for 2 hours
Post-irradiation: 100oC for 10 minutes

To maximise detector sensitivity we recommend that they be rapidly cooled after 400oC annealing, e.g. by placing the container with hot detectors on a large aluminium block.

  Form   solid disc 4.5 mm diameter, of selected thickness
  Effective atomic number Z   8.2
  Density []   2.5
  TL emission spectrum [nm]   400
  Relative sensitivity to TLD-100   1.5
  Main peak temperature [oC]   210
  Zero dose reading [mGy]   15
  Detection threshold [mGy]   10
  Linearity range [Gy]   5×10-5 - 5
  Repeatability   < 2%
  Photon energy dependence 30 keV - 1.3 MeV   < 30 %
  Batch homogeneity [1 SD]   < 5 %
  Thermal fading [% at room temperature]   < 5% / yr
  Fluorescent light effect on fading and zero reading   negligible at laboratory light intensity
  Reusability   unlimited
  Dose rate influence   independent

Apart from offering the above described standard detectors, we are ready to fulfil any special requirements of our Customers, regarding detector size (pellets of diameter ranging from 1 mm to 15 mm have been produced), material composition, adjusted detector sensitivity, powder grain size, etc.

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