TLD dosimetric properties

Lithium fluoride thermoluminescent phosphor, in the form of powder and solid pellets, is recognised universally as the "golden standard" for applications in radiation protection dosimetry, monitoring of environmental radiation and medical dosimetry.

MTS-N (LiF:Mg,Ti) has been produced since 1972 in the form of solid pellets or powder, according to a unique method developed by Prof. Tadeusz Niewiadomski at the Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kraków, Poland.
- fully exchangeable with LiF:Mg,Ti phosphors and pellets produced by other companies
- used world-wide in radiation protection, environmental monitoring and clinical dosimetry

MCP-type ultra-sensitive thermoluminescent LiF doped with magnesium, copper and phosphorus (LiF:Mg,Cu,P), available as solid detectors or powder
- 30 times more sensitive to gamma ray doses than MTS-N
- unmatched for environmental monitoring and personal dosimetry

MCP-Ns thin active-layer (LiF:Mg,Cu,P) ultra-sensitive TL dosimeters designed to measure personal dose equivalent Hp(0.07) in external fields of weakly penetrating radiation (soft X-rays, b-rays). Each pellet consists of a thin radiation-sensitive part, of 8.5 effective thickness, bonded to a thick, mechanically stable, non-luminescent LiF matrix.
- flat energy response after X-ray and b-ray doses,
- high sensitivity - reliable measurements of Hp(0.07) in the microgray range,

Tailored to your needs The unique feature of our company is our ability to produce detectors of dimensions, active layer thickness, isotopic composition and sensitivity, adjusted to any individual requirement of our Customers.
- available dimensions: circular pellets (rods) of diameter ranging from 0.5 mm to 12 mm (standard: 4.5 mm) and of any thickness in the range 0.25 mm ¸1.5 mm (standard: 0.9 mm).
- our miniature detectors are ideal for high spatial resolution dosimetry (e.g. in stereotactic radiosurgery).
- we can vary the effective thickness of the sensitive layer in our MCP-Ns detectors: from 7 mg cm-2 to 1000 mg cm-2.
- all our detectors are designed to be read out with any standard TL reader: ohmic or hot gas.

TLD materials

Material Code name Physical form/shape Dimensions Standard
nat Li 7Li 6Li
LiF:Mg, Ti MTS-N MTS-7 MTS-6 circular pellet fi 4,5 mm 0,9 mm
MTS-Ns MTS-7s MTS-6s thin-layer pellet fi 4,5 mm 0,05 mm (avctive layer)
MTS-100 MTS-700 MTS-600 square chip 3,2 x 3,2 mm 0,9 mm , 0,4 mm
MTS-100M MTS-700M MTS-600M micro cube 1,0 x 1,0 mm 1,0 mm
MTS-100D MTS-700D MTS-600D rod fi 1 mm, fi 0,5 mm 6 mm, 3 mm (lenght)
MTS-Nc MTS-7c MTS-6c carbon loaded fi 4,5 mm 0,9 mm
MT-N MT-7 MT-6 powder grains: 80-200 um
MTS-100R MTS-700R MTS-600R round-corner chip 0,9 mm, 0,4 mm
LiF:Mg,Cu,P MCP-N MCP-7 MCP-6 circular pellet fi 4,5 mm 0,9 mm
MCP-Ns MCP-7s MCP-6s thin-layer pellet fi 4,5 mm 0,05 mm (avctive layer)
MCP-100 MCP-700 MCP-600 square chip 3,2 x 3,2 mm 0,9 mm , 0,4 mm
MCP-100M MCP-700M MCP-600M micro cube 1,0 x 1,0 mm 1,0 mm
MCP-100D MCP-700D MCP-600D rod fi 1 mm, fi 0,5 mm 6 mm, 3 mm (lenght)
MCP-Nc MCP-7c MCP-6c carbon loaded fi 4,5 mm 0,9 mm
MCP-Np MCP-7p MCp-6p powder grains: 80-200 um
MCP-100R MCP-700R MCP-600R round-corner chip 0,9 mm, 0,4 mm

   (1) - On request of a Customer other dimensions are available - particularly miniature pellets (from fi 1 mm)
   (2) - Customer may freely choose the reqiured thickness from wide range available thickness

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